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Publié par Flavie Roget

For his first exhibition in France, Kris Ruhs presents a stupendous artwork through which the visitor is invited to walk, on the premises of Azzedine Alaïa's gallery.

Surrounded by giant blossoming “trees” made of porcelain and brass, the visitor is caught by this magical universe. The branches seem to float in the air, coming in straight lines from the ceiling, and gathered into three curved islets. This arrangement creates a loss of bearings in the visitor's mind and body. The stiffness and the material used enhance this impression of a timeless space.

The natural world which would normally revolve around a life cycle coming from the ground is here represented as a perennial one coming from above. The contrast between the rigidity and the frailty of this maze may also be inviting us to reflect on the human impact on nature.

While the white and golden tones suggest a peaceful conservatory, a different space awaits the visitor at the end of the gallery. A snowy forest of what seems to be leafless trees seen from afar turns out to be filled with totems or lucky charms.

To enjoy this enchanting garden, waste no time since there is just one day left to discover this dazzling environmental installation.

Azzedine Alaïa's gallery

until December 2015, 27th

18, rue de la Verrerie, Paris.

“Hanging gardens”, Kris Ruhs

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